We will soon present a selection of fine Mosel wines from carefully selected wineries.

The wines are from the Middle Mosel valley in Germany and the wineries selected are small boutique style operations with small volume, high quality and “handmade” wines.
Many of the wines selected here are gold medal winners and are only from the top vintners in the area. One of the wineries has won 12 from 15 gold medals in one year!

The specific area/part of the Mosel where these wines come from is a very sought after terroir. It is the combination of handpicked/selected bunches of grapes, an ideal micro-climate (elevations and angle to the sun etc), soil, rock formations plus the skill, knowledge/mentality and expertise of the vintner. Together these factors help to understand the puzzle of “terroir”!

All the wines here are from specially selected and hand harvested bunches of grapes. They are pressed to steel and then left in steel for maturation. There is no oak in the process. The wines are bottled 6-12 months after pressing. This produces a very clean and unadulterated taste/flavour/palate.

In a few weeks you will be able to select and order these wines online on this website. They will be shipped to you directly from the cellar door. In the meantime, you can place orders via e-mail.

Contact us at contact@trulygood.co.uk


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